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Birthdate:Apr 18
Location:Illinois, United States of America
A.K.A: Java | AGE: 25 | SIGN: Aries | LOCATION: Chicago | MAJOR: Criminal Justice

I'm a quiet chick, but I'm nice. I don't take anything on the interweb seriously and have no patience for anyone who does. I also don't 'angst' and 'emo' on my journal and could care less if other people wangst on theirs. I mostly just post doodles, sketches, and various other art shit and ramble about lame things I find amusing. I enjoy pr0n, so don't be surprised to find dicks and tits from time to time. Drawing is a hobby to me, don't expect any sort of professionalism in them. I'm lousy with anatomy and my coloring skills are ho-hum. Get over it.

If you can't have fun or take a joke, please GTFO.

I DO NOT have any type of retarded "Friending Policy". I don't require you to comment a certain amount of times a month or fill out a form or fucking talk to me on a daily basis so we can be Supah Amazing Interweb Fwiends. Christ, I don't care. If you're fine with my crazy-ass quirks and fetishes, feel free to friend me. Drop me a note and I'll friend you back. Just keep in mind that I don't comment much, but as a general observation- the more you comment on my journal, the more likely I'll comment more on yours.

Also, I "Friends-Lock" this journal. My LJ, however is totally public. Every stupid thing I've ever posted can easily be seen by anyone there. Don't feel obligated to subscribe to me to see 'hidden content' when you can just head over to my other journal and see what you're missing. But you're free to do so anyway, just do it and I'll reciprocate when I'm able.

There's a TON of slash/yaoi/general gayness material here(I.E. Guy x Guy/Girl x Girl). There might also be some wacky gross stuff that might not float your boat such as; Zombie smut, furries, gore, blood, missionary positions, etc etc. Browse at your own risk and don't come crying to me if you stumble across something you're queasy about.

I label ALL my stuff with appropriate warnings and put things behind links and/or lj-cuts. READ THEM and prove you're not a complete waste of genetic trash!

You'll make the world a better place.


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